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The Tbilisi Initiative Prize 2006

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In March Orgacom issued a prize of 850,- Lari to groups or duo's of artists and designers (possibly combined with other disciplines or studies) that have the most imaginative proposal for an artist initiative in Tbilisi. By way of introduction Orgacom held a lecture in the art academy of Tbilisi about 'What is an artist initiative?' The prize money will be spent on realizing the winning idea in Tbilisi.

The proposed Georgian artist initiatives should aim to create a door for artists to the world outside Georgia on a more long term basis. The topics or themes of the initiative can be anything but it was advised to participants to create a topic or theme beyond a space where friends can exhibit. The more precise and imaginative an artist initiative is, the more attention it can attract from other art organizations internationally.

Before handing in proposals potential candidates were invited to come to the National Art Center (NAC) and talk to Teike Asselbergs (of Orgacom) about their ideas. In the time before the deadline Teike helped each group or duo to develop their ideas in the best way possible. She can also provided international contacts or examples on request. On the opening of the exhibition �Georgia here we come!� (organized by ERforS) the winning proposal was be announced. All proposals were shown in the NAC during the exhibition and will be presented in the Netherlands during the exhibition of the entire project (including an exhibition of Georgian artists in Expodium, Utrecht) in TENT (Rotterdam).

The winning initiative was submitted by the following group of initiators: G.Tabatadze; T.Chapodze; I.Svanidze and G.Doborjginidze, presenting an international project called: 'Mental Hybrid':

"For a long time Georgia had lost the touch with its history. This has left many empty spots in the mentalities of people. These spots are now being filled with other cultural signs. All of this causes many paradoxical and hybrid situations, which are reflected in architecture, language and other social phenomena.

From this reality, the project creates an object to observe. We think it should be of an interest to expose what happens to different cultural products in our space.

This project is also meant for artists from around the world. They too should observe
what forms does this phenomenon take in their home space and how it is expressed.

Artists who are in different cultural environments will then send to each other visual and verbal materials. As a result of this kind of exchange, these materials will appear in an environment, non-organic to them, causing hybrid situations.

The materials which will be created as a result of the interaction may than be sent to the international political organizations, institutions etc."

Founders: - Tornike Chapodze - Giorgi Doborjginidze - Irakli Svanidze

Email of the artists that participate in the projects of the winning initiative: - Melania - Giorgi Mari - Gio Gago - Kevle - Luiza Laperadze - Maia Barishvili - Sopo Tabatadze - Lado Daraxvelidze - Keti Akolashvili - Lebu - Nikusha Chkaidze - Mxo Bertlani

The entire project 'Georgia here we come!' is organised by» Enough Room for Space (Erfors), » Expodium and » GEO-AIR.

participants of the exhibition and residency period in Tbilisi:
Marika Asatiani (GEO), Daan van der Berg (NL), Stefaan Dheedene (BE), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), David Djindjikhachvili (GEO/NL), Orgacom (NL), Suze May Sho (NL), Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE/NL), Eric von Robertson (USA), Krzysztof Wegiel (PL/NL)

download english document: » tblisi

text by Mental Hybrid
download english document: » text by Mental Hybrid

 A plan for a virtual frame that can be augmented like the buildings in Georgia
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 A plan for a hybrid catalogue with images of individuals that either are superflously developed or underdeveloped according to their culture, combined with images of rare species
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